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Re: dependency checker for archive needed

I've put a preliminary version of a dependency checker in ~klee/dpkg/
on master.debian.org.  There are a few editable options in main.py;
use 'python main.py' to execute it.  Example output from the program
is in ~klee/dpkg/check.log on master.debian.org.

Open problems are:

* It doesn't yet consider the possibility of two required packages
  conflicting with each other.  I expect this to be moderately tricky
  because of the interaction between conflicts and '|'-clauses in

* It needs a man page / command line argument parser.  These should
  be easy.

Many of the warnings it generates are because of the apparent
requirement that packages that depend on packages in 'non-free' be
placed in 'contrib' only and not in 'non-free'.  (Though I may be
interpreting this wrongly; see my next message for more information).

I hope to be uploading a final, cleaned-up version sometime this
weekend.  In the meantime, feel free to send patches / bug reports to
me directly.

P.S.: My apologies to anyone on this list who's been waiting for me to
respond to E-mail / bug reports.  I unexpectedly found myself witout
good E-mail access for the past couple of weeks, and am busy going
through the backlog now.  I hope to be through all of it by the end of
the week.

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