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Re: alien FYI

On Thu, 23 Jan 1997, Kingsley G. Morse Jr. wrote:

change >>I am sorry but alien is not for patching sourcecodepackages and the patch
change >>must include the contents of debian/rules for alien to work. Please use
change >>the regular patch tool for patching sourcefiles.
change >
change >Ah ha! Thank you for explaining that. Can you direct me to documentation
change >explaining how an alien patch is made, which would include debian/rules?

First you need to have a binary package either a RedHat or a Slackware
package. From what I have seen you dont have one. Instead you are working
with sourcecode!

Then you unpack the Slackware or Redhat package using

alien -g <packagename>

Then you can do modifications and build the package like a regular debian

You can use the diff generated by "build" as a patchfile for alien.

The diff is intended for use with proprietory software that is not freely
distributable in binary format (netscape etc).

If you have sourcecode then please use the regular debian packaging
tools (like the "debmake" program") to debianize the sourcepackage.

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