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Re: dpkg-divert -- How do I use it?

david@elo.sw.ods.com (David Engel) writes:

> Perhaps we should move all static libs to -dbg packages.

Sounds compelling, but might be too radical a change.

Going with optional -dbg packages is probably most reasonable.  They
would contain a staticly linked version compiled with -g and
optionally a staticly linked version compiled with -pg.  The library
names should have a `g' or `p' appended.

So, libg++27-dbg would provide:
/usr/lib/libg++p.a  (optional)

Regarding the names, I see that libc5-dbg uses libg.a and libc_p.a.
Is there some precedence for naming them like that?  (No version; and
one uses an underscore, and the other doesn't.)

One unrelated point, David.  In the .shlibs file for libc5, you put
the patch level and debug version.  This causes problems when
compiling things for stable.  Is there any reason why you shouldn't
use a dependency `libc5 (>= 5.4.0-0)'?  The interface shouldn't change
at all between patch levels, right?


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