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Re: FTP access to master.debian.org

> "Brian C. White" <bcwhite@verisim.com> wrote:
> >Is there any way we can increase the number of users (non-anonymous)
> >allowed to ftp to master.debian.org?
> >
> >It's been near impossible for me to upload packages with 'dupload' lately.
> Handy dandy tip of the day[1]: I have absolutely no problems uploading stuff
> with scp. I just upload the ssh public key to my master account, make sure
> the private key is on those accounts with world access (aurora, silas, and
> yoyo), and hey presto. No need for a password, and I don't have to worry
> about ftp user limits. (scp's parameters, FWIW, are pretty much identical
> to rcp's. The main difference is that scp/ssh are a helluva lot more
> secure than rcp/rlogin.)

Perhaps you could explain how to set this up.  I'm on a machine behind
a firewall that use IP-Masquerading (or some approximate spelling thereof).

I've created myself a key pair and both my machine and the gateway have
ssh installed (and thus host key pairs).

What do I have to put in the .shosts and .ssh/authorized_keys files to
be able to login this way?

If it helps, my machine is named "callandor" and the gateway is

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