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Re: Bug#6732: xbase 3.2-1.1 : two things: hostname changing, backspace handling

> > Another reason for the map to ^? is connecting with other systems.  If the
> > remote system expects ^H, at at least I can type that from the keyboard.
> What the remote system expects is (ideally) determined by the "kbs" terminfo
> capability for the current terminal type (found in $TERM).  At least that's
> what well behaved applications do.  On every UN*X system I've seen so far
> (not just Linux), terminfo defines ^H as the backspace key for xterm.

I'm connecting to an ustrasparc running Solaris 2.5 and it sets erase=^?
for type "xterm".

> > However, if the remote system expect ^? and the backspace key generates
> > a ^H, then I have no solution.
> When using xterm, you can press the Delete key.  It generates ^? (at least
> for me).  If only the correct "stty erase" character (^H, not ^?) was set
> in xterm by default (I'd suggest something like:

I suppose I should have thought of that.  <sheepish grin>  It does act as
you say.

> > Those are the only two reasons I can think of at the moment.  Beyond that,
> > I think it's just important that xterm and the TTYs agree.
> I don't think so - xterm should agree with terminfo, and it does now.  It
> is emacs that doesn't respect terminfo, and the problem needs to be solved
> there, sorry...

Actually, I think terminfo should follow xterm settings, not the other way
around.  And while I agree with you about emacs, I was thinking more of
other programs.  For example, if you start a search ('/') under less
and try to backspace, it won't work because the default TTY is set to
erase=^? instead of erase=^H.  In this case, the line editing is done
by the TTY and not some internal function.
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