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Re: I18n, Latin. charactersets

> >>>>> "DF" == David Frey <david@eos.lugs.ch> writes:
>     DF: Surely not. But they have should be shipped in my opinion
>     DF: anyways; therefore my suggestion (it's not a big thing, anyone
>     DF: needing special, accented characters could do it).
> Yes, of course.
>     DF: I'm still using XFree 3.1.2. There the dead keys are IMNSHO a
>     DF: lost case, I gave it up to configure them correctly in X11 R6
>     DF: (in R5 they worked wonderfully, grrr :). Moreover, xmodmap
>     DF: strips them silently out, even when they are configured
>     DF: correctly in the kernel modmap!
> Dead keys seem to work in 3.2.  Only all non ISO 8859-1 characters
> typed in any way are rejected. :-(

  Hi guys, sorry to barge in...

  I need accented keys... the first system, that actually did that "almost" 
correctly was SunOS... and then Indigo Magic... X11R5 did it quite well, but 
forgot one or two, one of these being 'ý' which it didn't accept as acute-y.

  And not all dead keys work in 3.2... the dead ring doesn't, for one.

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                                    fax; +46 035 217194

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