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Automated bug reports

Just a slight rant: Somebody (Andreas Jellinghaus, IIRC) filed bug
reports against the zip package because three binaries - zipsplit,
zipnote, and zipcloak - had no corresponding man pages. (ie: there
were no files /usr/man/man1/... for those binaries.) _However_, when
I installed zip, and checked "man zipsplit", it came up with the zip.1
man page: it looks at the headers of the man pages (not sure of the
relevant details, such as how it looks at them; this data may be stored
in the database). Since zipsplit, zipnote, and zipcloak are all mentioned
in the .NAME section, there's actually no _need_ for separate man pages
for these binaries...

As an interim measure, I added symlinks. They do nothing for user
enlightenment, but they'll at least get automated bug programs off
my back.

I'm rambling. I know it. But the point is - just because there is no
man page with a filename corresponding to the binary, it does not
necessarily mean that "man foo" will say there is no man page...

*sigh* All these 7 am starts are getting to me :-)

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