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Re: Future Debian CD plans

I do not like the separation of "official" versus "non-official" Debian.
If anyone want to sell a "commercial" Debian based Distribution, they
might do so. 

There is no reason for the Debian Project to get involved in this

There is much to loose and nearly nothing to win.

Especially you have to consider that a commercial product may NOT change
every day. A stable produkt in the business world unfortunately means
Win 3.1 because it took years until a successor was intoduced on the
market. Stability has nothing to do with the quality of sw.

I strongly vote against an official Debian and a diverting the Debian CD's
into official and non-official.

By definition of the VERY strict Debian rules it seems that the proposed
"official" Debian might only qualify for the non-free part of the

-- martin

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