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Re: Bug#6394: dpkg: dselect's treatment of Recommends

At 01:25 AM 1/3/97 +0100, Kai Henningsen wrote:
>maor@ece.utexas.edu (Guy Maor)  wrote on 02.01.97 in
<[🔎] 87k9pvu4is.fsf@slip-86-11.ots.utexas.edu>:
>> joey@kite.ml.org (Joey Hess) writes:
>> > I suggest that dselect be changed to handle recommends more like it
>> > currently handles suggests.
>> I don't think that's a good idea.  The problem is that recommends is
>> being used when suggests would be more appropriate.  I expect
>> appropriate uses of Recommends to be rare.
>Even if it should be rare, it should still be handled more like suggests.  
>Note that "more like" doesn't mean "exactly like".
>I do think that the following scenario can only be considered a bug:
>* Go through [S]elect
>* Tell dselect to ignore a specific Recommends
>* leave [S]elect
>* reenter [S]elect because you forgot to select some unrelated package
>* dselect again forces you to override that Recommends, even though you
>  didn't change anything about the packages in question and didn't even
>  leave dselect!
>This can't be right. If I made a decision, I don't want a program to try  
>to circumvent it every chance it gets.
That has never happened to me and I have overided dselect's options many a
time.  It only occurs when I change something involved with that package or
do a global action (which means I am doing something to that package) and
how should dselect know that you didn't want the recommended package,
should it keep an override file, but what happens later when you say I do
want that package.  Personally, I don't mind dselect bugging me about
installing certain packages, it wastes a little time, but it can save you a
lot in the future.

Shaya Potter

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