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Re: debian menu's

On Tue, 7 Jan 1997, Joey Hess wrote:

> First, I think we need to clarify something about the text that appears in
> the menus. For example, should dosemu have a menu entry that reads just
> "Dosemu", or should it read "The Linux Dos Emulator"? Should lincity just
> be "Lincity" in the menus, or is something like "Build and Maintain a
> City" more appropriate?

Could it be possible to provide both a short and a long description ?
the update-menus program would have an option to choose the short or long

The problem would be that this adds an additional field to the menu
descriptions... this could be solved in two ways :

* add this field in the standard menu description, ask the package
maintainers to support it, and have update-menus support both formats for
the transition time (the format can be determined by counting the fields)

* or, decide that the short names will be the name of the executable file
that the menu would start

any comments ?

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