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I18n, Latin. charactersets

On Fri, Jan 10 1997 15:53 +0100 Milan Zamazal writes:
> >>>>> "DF" == David Frey <david@eos.lugs.ch> writes:
>     DF: I could contribute some rc-files for Swiss (i.e Latin1) setup
>     DF: with the exclusion of Emacs-configuration, since I don't know
>     DF: enough Lisp.
>     DF: Are there some Latin[2-8] collegues around to coordinate?
>     DF: (There is somebody in the .cz domain (Czecho-Slovakia [I know,
>     DF: this spelling is wrong, but what is the right one?], Marek is
>     DF: in .pl (Poland), both Latin2 and somebody is in .il (Israel,
>     DF: Latin8). Lars is in .fi (Finland as we all know, Latin3 ?), so
>     DF: Latin[5-7] are still missing, Latin5 (Cyrillic) is probably
>     DF: most important)
> Well, I'm from Czech Republic (ISO 8859-2), country with nontrivial
> i18n problems, so may be I could a little help in this area.  As I'm
> an Emacs phanatic I don't know much about other programs, but:
> There is surely no problem with programs like bash which only need
>   to be set to display relevant 8-bit characters (even when they
>   sometimes call it `latin1' like less).

Surely not. But they have should be shipped in my opinion anyways; 
therefore my suggestion (it's not a big thing, anyone needing special,
accented characters could do it).

> In Emacs this is also trivial by adding
>     (standard-display-european)
>   to some startup file.  It could be also useful to add
>     (require 'iso-syntax)   ; for ISO 8859-1
>   or
>     (require 'iso02-syn)    ; for ISO 8859-2, not available in XEmacs 19.14
> Probably some other programs can be easily extended by extending
>   their ISO 8859-1 extension to ISO 8859-2.
> BTW, I've noticed XFree 3.2 offers to use XKB extension.  It even
> offers "Czechoslovakia" keyboard even with dead key but there is a
> small problem: only ISO 8859-1 characters can be typed on this
> keyboard.  Does some X expert know whether it is possible to correct
> it?  It would be very nice for people in Czech Republic.  When we can
> see 8-bit characters, it would be nice to type them too.

I'm still using XFree 3.1.2. There the dead keys are IMNSHO a lost case,
I gave it up to configure them correctly in X11 R6 (in R5 they worked 
wonderfully, grrr :). Moreover, xmodmap strips them silently out, even
when they are configured correctly in the kernel modmap!

> [ Short geographic explanation:
>   Czechoslovakia (domain .cs) has splited in 1993 to
>   Czech Republic (domain .cz) and
>   Slovakia (domain .sk) ]
Thanks. I knew that they splitted, but didn't knew the domain names.

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