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Re: Debian 1.2.2 and dependency on libc5 (>= 5.4.17-1)

> > What we should probably have is a machine that is running the latest 
> > stable version (stable.debian.org) and enable developers to recompile 
> > their packages their for fixing bugs.  We can't force developers to run a 
> > stable only distribution if we want 1.3 to fit together nicely.
> > 
> You can't force anything in a group of volunteers ;-) But you can expect
> that people who take the responsibility for maintaining a package should
> be able to move a couple of libraries around when building a bug fix for
> "stable".

Still, I like the proposal. Althought I know how to move around a
few libs, I also know much better how to forget to do so. And, I
may not be able to install the "stable" libs, as half of my system
may depend[1] on the new libs/packages in unstable, thus making it quite
hard for me to release a bugfix stable package. I believe there are only
20--30 bugfixes so far for rex, and those packages could well have
been built on some other system. It may be difficult to find somebody 
willing to give his stable system away for this purpose, though.

[1] I just had to release a rex-xfig, and installed libc-5.4.13. I am
    still very surpriced that I could do so, and wonder why dpkg didn't
    complain about tons of unfulfilled dependancies.

joost witteveen
Use Debian/GNU Linux!

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