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Re: Future Debian CD plans

First, I think Bruce deserves some congratulations. He's doing a great
job and too often people reserve comments unless they are negative.

One of the goals we need to do to keep Debian alive is making sure
we have strong, active leadership. Debian is growing to large for
one person to manage. There has already been a move to create a
Board, which will spread the load.

We also need to make sure we get proper feedback to proposals (not
just negative). We should expedite the creation of a voting system
so we can get a fair assessment of peoples thoughts on major proposals
and keep the developers in control.

Good communication is a 3rd key point. The devel mailing list is simply
getting too large for most people to read. Is it time to split it in
two? One idea would be to have one list for core packages
and another for the rest of the distribution. A key problem is
how bug notices get dealt with. I'm sure I'll open a can of worms with this
one, but we need to do something so that the important stuff gets
read by all developers.

- Sue

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