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Re: Future Debian CD plans

On Sat, 18 Jan 1997, Martin Konold wrote:

> BTW: How urgently does the project need the prospective moeny? There
>      might be other means to get some money if it is needed. Maybe
>      some cdrom manufacturer want to donate something on a free basis? 

I agree with Martin regarding potential confusion with "official" and
"unofficial" versioning.  We already have enough people confused between
buzz, rex, bo, stable, unstable, contrib, non-free, etc.. ;-)

If Debian needs money, why not raise money in a fashion similar to what
FSF is doing.  I recently purchased around $200 USF worth of documentation
from the FSF and will probably purchase more in the future to support
their efforts.  Similarly, I now purchase my Debian CD's from Debian
developers rather than the larger CD distributors.  If Debian were to
publish printed documentation I would support Debian by buying this as

Perhaps the Debian non-profit organization should post its financial needs
and targets as well as its organizational and philosophical ones so that
Debian users are more aware of them.  Having this prominently displayed
on the Web site and perhaps periodically posted to the Debian lists
would help.  Also, including a little philosophical blurb and a plug for
financial support during new installs may be an idea too.

Best regards,

P.S.  I just quickly checked the Debian web site and found no mention of
      the non-profit organization that Bruce has set up.  What is it's
      current status and how does it fit in with all the developers?

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