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libg++: -g .so libs in -dev package for gdb?

Currently, gdb cannot report values of variables of 
c++ types :string, vector<...>, ... (many more).

I just got a tip from Peter Schauer that this can be solved
by compling libstdc++.so with -g, and this indeed is true.

What I would like to do (as libg++ maintainer) is to put
properly stripped .so files in the shared libg++ package, and
to put the unstripped versions in the libg++-dev package,
replacing the .so files in the shared lib package.

I know that libc has a different package for -g compiled libs,
but that package (libc5-dbg) contains a .a file for
static linking. The .so files with debugging info are essential
for anyone wanting to debug (i.e. devellop) his/her c++ programme,
and I thus think these .so files aught to go into the libg++-dev

Or does the reader have better suggestions?

joost witteveen
Use Debian/GNU Linux!

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