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Re: I18n, Latin. charactersets

On Tue, Jan 14 1997 23:13 +0100 "Orn E. Hansen" writes:
>On Tue, Jan 14 1997 13:52 +0100 Milan Zamazal writes:

> > >>>>> "DF" =3D=3D David Frey <david@eos.lugs.ch> writes:
> >     DF: I'm still using XFree 3.1.2. There the dead keys are IMNSHO a
> >     DF: lost case, I gave it up to configure them correctly in X11 R6
> >     DF: (in R5 they worked wonderfully, grrr :). Moreover, xmodmap
> >     DF: strips them silently out, even when they are configured
> >     DF: correctly in the kernel modmap!
> > Dead keys seem to work in 3.2.  Only all non ISO 8859-1 characters
> > typed in any way are rejected. :-(

Stupid question: What is your LANG environment variable set to?
>   Hi guys, sorry to barge in...
>   I need accented keys... the first system, that actually did that "almost" 
> correctly was SunOS... and then Indigo Magic... X11R5 did it quite well, 
> but forgot one or two, one of these being '=FD' which it didn't accept as acu=
> te-y.

He, he. y acute=255=-1=EOF! if viewed as signed char -> sloppy programming.

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