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Re: /usr/local again...

On Thu, 16 Jan 1997, Richard Kaszeta wrote:

> Have we come up with any solution for the /usr/local problems yet?  I
> again find myself upgrading my debian machines, and all my debian
> machines crap out with dpkg errors if packages try to touch /usr/local
> (which on my system is an nfs mount).
> The current policy amounts to "don't assume anything about
> /usr/local, but go ahead and try and add/remove stuff from it
> anyways". 

As I understood the policy it was: "Don't touch /usr/local!" but I know
that there are several packages that feel the pressing need to create
subdirectories in /usr/local and that this has been tacitly agreed upon as
"not too terrible". My understanding of the FSSTD on this issue is that
distributions are not to muck around in /usr/local.

> We need to come up with a better solution for this.
Submit bugs on all offending packages.



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