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debian menu's

I've got 2 things to discuss Re: debian's menus as provided by the menu

First, I think we need to clarify something about the text that appears in
the menus. For example, should dosemu have a menu entry that reads just
"Dosemu", or should it read "The Linux Dos Emulator"? Should lincity just
be "Lincity" in the menus, or is something like "Build and Maintain a
City" more appropriate?

I prefer the shorter menu entries myself, because I think it facilitates
scanning the menus for a program if the descriptions are kept short and
simple. On the other hand, a new user who doesn't know what dosemu is
would probably appreciate the longer description. I do think this issue
needs to be decided on one way or another, mixing the 2 styles is bad.

Second, I posted a few days back a new tree of menus that moved Games out
of Apps/ and made some other modifications. I havn't seem any comment on
it, and I don't know if that means people like it, dislike it, or just
don't care. Joost, do you plan to use my proposal or not? If we
restructure the menus, we should start soon, before lots of packages
provide menu files. 
Oh yeah -- add to the tree:

Games/Strategy -- strategy games (lincity, civilization clones, etc)

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