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Re: Bug#6721: CPP removes GCC

Scott Stanley wrote:
> Package: cpp
> Version:
> When installing cpp, it removes gcc if it is already installed.  I
> observed this problem when upgrading my packages from Debian 1.1 to
> Debian 1.2.  The cpp package is marked as replacing gcc in the
> information on the package, although it doesn't seem it should.  I
> believe the old version of gcc might have included cpp in it, so it
> conflicted with, but didn't replace gcc.

Quite correct.  This problem was fixed in cpp/gcc, which I
made when I took over maintenance of gcc.  -3 is currently only
in unstable, and I really don't want to build a new version for 1.2,
since that runs the risk of introducing other, much nastier, problems.
I'm very thankful that stable and unstable will soon have the
same libc5; it frees me from that problem, at least.

Could I have some feedback on this from other developers?  Is this
a serious enough problem to warrant building -4 and uploading it to
stable?  It means that -4 will not include the objective-c patches,
and I'll need to upload -5 to unstable to put those back in.

If I get support on this, I'll probably also upload a new g77 to
stable, on the grounds that the current one dosen't work _at all_
with gcc  This, I think, is a serious enough problem to
warrant messing with stable.


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