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Re: long lines in source package (was: Re: no final newline in source package: how to deal with this?)

On Fri, 31 Jan 1997, Herbert Xu wrote:

herbert >Joey Hess wrote:
herbert >>
herbert >> The problem is a newline in a file that comes with the original souce of
herbert >> the package, in my case it was a file named Demo.bash. This file was
herbert >> lacking a final newline, and dpkg-source barfed all over it.
herbert >
herbert >Here is a similar problem, the metamail source package has
herbert >manual pages that contain lines longer than 256 chars.  As
herbert >it turns out, one of the man pages needed fixing and patch
herbert >couldn't cope with the result of diff.
herbert >
herbert >What should be done in this case? I do have a patch for patch
herbert >but in light of the recent discussion on subdirectories under
herbert >debian/ this is contradictory to the spirit of the standard.
herbert >What are the alternatives?

Patch the patch <G> program. We cannot avoid the issue here since it is an
upstream generated one in contrast to the debmake issue which was an
internal issue of the project.

BTW: Perhaps we can make dpkg-source warn on those lines (and also on
directories generated by diffs) instead of failing?

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