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Re: debian menu's

> Could it be possible to provide both a short and a long description ?
> the update-menus program would have an option to choose the short or long
> descriptions.
> The problem would be that this adds an additional field to the menu
> descriptions... this could be solved in two ways :
> * add this field in the standard menu description, ask the package
> maintainers to support it, and have update-menus support both formats for
> the transition time (the format can be determined by counting the fields)

Joost suggested the same thing, I didn't really like the suggestion
because the way he wanted to add this new field was somewhat hackish. I
suppose if we can come up with a clean place to put the new field, it'd be
all right to go this way, and your suggestion will give us an easy

Maybe the new field order could be:

text Math gnuplot none "Gnuplot" "An Interactive Plotting Program" gnuplot

> * or, decide that the short names will be the name of the executable file
> that the menu would start

While it often will be just the same of the executable, the maintainer may
want to use something else and I think they should have the flexability to
do so.

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