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Re: LinuxThreads soname

On Mon, 27 Jan 1997, David Engel wrote:

> This thread died out before Christmas.  I was busy with other things
> and then went on vacation for a couple of weeks.  I'm sure others were
> in similar situations.  Now that glibc 2.0 has officially been
> released, it's extremely important, IMO, that we reach consensus on
> this issue before chaos reigns in the Linux world.
> To refresh everyone's memory, the issue is this.  Glibc 2.0 uses an
> soname of libc.so.6 under Linux to distinguish itself from the
> previous version from H.J. Lu which used libc.so.5.  This is all fine,
> but what do we do about other libraries which are already in use with
> libc5?  Do we make sure everyone uses new sonames for these libraries
> when they are built with libc6, or do we reuse the same sonames and
> add hacks to the dynamic linkers to make them look in different
> directories depending on whether libc5 or libc6 is being used?

I vote we hack the dynamic linkers to look in /lib/libc5 until all libc5
versions are gone, and package the libc5-linked versions as

Anyway, I don't think Debian will be using libc6 (glibc2) until after 1.3
is released, so we have some time to start preparing for this.

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