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Fixed! Re: Serial ports/Modem slowness.

Well, it seems that I have found the problem as I stated recently.  I
installed the hwtools package which has irqtune in it.  Now while I didn't
think that hwtools would do anything 'bad' like that to my system unless I
wanted it to, I don't really think it should run irqtune by default.  Can we
please discuss the pro's and con's for this utility's default behaviour?

At 10:02 PM 1/8/97 +0800, Karl Ferguson wrote:
>Hi Everyone.
>I've had a recent problem which I can't figure out.  Recently, I've upgraded
>by compiling 2.0.27 with a firewall, while updating packages from the
>unstable bo distribtion (things like the lastest versions of mgetty, devel
>and newest base stuff etc).
>I've got quote a few dialin lines running on the box with a PC-COM 16550
>uart card (and a stallion card).  I used to run the modems at 57600 and
>everything was fine until I upgraded and now it seems that users can't
>upload anything without it timing out.  This includes simple 5k email
>messages - basically, if the modem on the box are receiving anything it
>doesn't like it.
>I tried upgrading the serial ports to 115200bps, however that didn't seem to
>change anything.  Now, I've changed lowered them all the 38400bps hoping
>this will get results (but as yet, I haven't tested this).
>So as you can see, I've done some pretty major changes to the box, but does
>anyone have any idea what on earth it could be?  It's got me baffled.
>Karl Ferguson, 
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>t/a STAR Online Services                      karl@debian.org
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Karl Ferguson, 
Tower Networking Pty Limited                  karl@tower.net.au
t/a STAR Online Services                      karl@debian.org
Tel: +61-9-455-3446  Fax: +61-9-455-2776

TO UNSUBSCRIBE FROM THIS MAILING LIST: e-mail the word "unsubscribe" to
debian-devel-REQUEST@lists.debian.org . Trouble? e-mail to Bruce@Pixar.com

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