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Re: DOS cross-compiler -- making a package

> So is there someone out there that has the right DLL on his system, i.e.
> the version that goes with our package? If so, we should update the
> package ourselves. If not, the package should be removed. It's just a
> waste of disk space if the DLL is missing.

I originally omitted cygwin.dll from the package because it was a file
that would be used only on the windows machine, and I assumed
(incorrectly) that most people using the cross-compiler to build
Cygwin32-based tools would also have installed Cygwin32 on their NT
machine.  Sorry about the mistake.

Even without a matching cygwin.dll, though, the win32gcc and
win32binutils packages are not entirely useless.  I've been using them
to cross-compile native Win32 applications from Linux for some time
now, as well as to examine and debug existing Windows libraries.

I'm working right now to build the 17.1 release as a cross-compiler
for Debian.  They've re-arranged the build process quite a bit since
14.0, so it's taking me a bit of time.  I'll be sure to include the
cygwin.dll in this revision.

I'm also working to build a port of Debian to the Cygwin32 environment
(Debian GNU/Win32?).  I hope to have a 3-4Mb setup.exe for the base
environment, and then use Debian packages to install the rest of the
software.  The intent is both to provide a decent package management
system for Cygwin32 (some form of which seems desperately needed at
the moment), as well as to expand the visibility and availability of
the Debian packaging tools to a larger audience.  Let me know if
you're interested in testing / helping with this as I get closer to
being finished.

- Klee

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