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Re: CD issues

On Mon, 13 Jan 1997, Stuart Lamble wrote:

> Steve Dunham <dunham@dunham.tcimet.net> wrote:
> >What still needs to be done to get Debian to boot from one CD and one
> >floppy?
> On a theoretical basis, it's fairly trivial: modify the root disk to
> allow users to read the base.tar.gz from the CDROM rather than floppies
> (hell, if you wanted to be incredibly archaic, you could read it from
> the floppy _images_ on the CD!) That's about it, really.
Well, you are right about the triviality if you only have one target
machine. Since we are still having problems with incorrect probes in our
current 5 floppy set of installation disks, I don't see those problems
magicly going away. You stand a good chance of excluding major sections
of the community with this approach. It's not going to get any easier as
time progresses and the kernel supports more and more hardware.



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