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Re: FTP access to master.debian.org

> Handy dandy tip of the day[1]: I have absolutely no problems uploading stuff
> with scp. I just upload the ssh public key to my master account, make sure

I thought about doing this, but I like the "release" program with debmake so 
much better :-)  It takes care of uploading the files (via dupload), 
announcing the release (mail to appropriate list), marking it as released s
o debchange will add a new version next time it's run, and even automatically 
giving you the chance to clear the bugs mentioned in the latest changelog 

Even putting up with not being able to get on to master, it's good to have a 
program take care of all of that because I just know that I will eventually 
forget to do something important and then be in trouble... :-)

John Goerzen          | Running Debian GNU/Linux (www.debian.org)
Custom Programming    | 
jgoerzen@complete.org | 

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