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"New maintainer" address dead? & misc. questions


As you may be aware, I have recently created some packages for Debian as I 
felt it was something I could do to contribute.  As documented in the policy 
manual, I sent an e-mail to the new-maintainer@debian.org address.  I did this 
some time back already (indicating that I would be having packages to upload 
soon), and about a week ago, sent another message indicating that I had 
packages ready to upload.

I haven't received any response back at all.  Is the new-maintainer address 
dead, and if so, who should I contact to ask for appropriate permissions on 
master, etc.?

For those that are curious, I currently have the following packages ready to 
upload.  Until I get them uploaded, they will be stored on my webpage at 

     * modemu 0.0.1-1, a modem emulator. Lets you telnet to sites using a
       modem communications program like Minicom or Seyon.
     * netmaze 0.81-1, a 3-D graphical multiplayer combat game for X. You
       can network it, design custom mazes, and even use robots. Comes
       with some sample mazes and robots.
     * FileRunner 2.1.2-1, an excellent X-based FTP program and file
     * WhirlGif 2.01-1, a program to generate animated or multi-part
       GIFs, esp. for use on the Web.
     * LinCity 1.00-1, an excellent city/county building game. Very good!
       Animation, etc. Includes both console-mode (SVGALib) and X
       versions. A spin-off of the commercial game with a similar name.

If anybody spots anything wrong with these packages, let me know -- this is 
the perfect time to fix it! :-)

Also while I've got your attention, I have another question.  In the policy 
manual, it states to mail debian-devel before doing a package.  I did so 
before doing those first packages listed, and I got some comments saying 
"don't do this, it generates unnecessary traffic" and others saying "thanks 
for letting us know what is being done" (paraphrased, of course).  So I don't 
really know what is expected.  Also I am still going to be doing a "midiplay" 
package (midiplay, or mp, is a MIDI player that is an alternative to playmidi).

Now I have a few questions regarding the LinCity game that I have packaged.  
It comes with both SVGALib and X versions.  Currently, I made one package that 
has both.  Is it preferred that I make three separate packages instead (common 
data, SVGALib binary, X binary)?  SVGALib programs generally need to be 
installed setuid and/or setgid root to work.  This has been done with the 
SVGALib version of LinCity.  Is this proper?  Also, since it is all one big 
package, I used the dpkg-shlibdeps on both the X and SVGALib versions, 
therefore generating a Depends line with both of them in there.  I would like 
to be able to say "xlib6 | svgalib1" but I cannot figure out how to do that 
with dpkg-shlibdeps program.  Ideas on this anyone?

Finally, a general question.  The policy manual states that a file called 
/usr/doc/packagename/copyright should be created with the copyright info of 
the package.  But a lot of packages have copyright info in 
/usr/doc/copyright/packagename.  Which is the correct method?

John Goerzen

John Goerzen          | Running Debian GNU/Linux (www.debian.org)
Custom Programming    | 
jgoerzen@complete.org | Have a merry Christmas and a happy new year!

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