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Re: gated diffs?

On Thu, 30 Jan 1997, Christoph wrote:

> I would recommend installing the newest netstd package and using
> routed.  Routed is now working since Alax Cox'es patches were
> integrated and usually you do not need to run gated unless you are
> running multiple routing protocols other than RIP.

I'm running routed on most of my systems, and it is adequate for
simple situations.  However, on a few systems i need the configuration
flexibility which gated provides.

e.g. One host is a dial-in server which has to dynamically update
routing tables whenever a gw logs in or disconnects.  I am running gated
on this machine and it does exactly what i need. routed simply can't do
it, without a lot of "route {add,del}" commands in /etc/ppp/ip-{up,down}
scripts.  With gated I maintain just ONE 'gw.config' file and use a
Makefile with rules which generate gated.conf, slip.hosts, rc.firewall,
and other necessary config files.

Another is a network consisting of two separate coax ethernet segments,
each segment has it's own separate connection to the internet via
different service providers.  I want each of them to be able to use the
other's net connection as a backup if their own goes down temporarily.
routed can almost (but not quite) do this.  gated can easily.

So yes, i DO need gated for these and other systems and I know why I
need it :-).


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