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Re: Debian 1.2.2 and dependency on libc5 (>= 5.4.17-1)

On Wed, 15 Jan 1997, Shaya Potter wrote:

> I don't understand all this talk about developers running unstable and 
> building packages on those machines.  All new packages that are built 
> after unstable is turned into stable (and also should be when frozen) 
> should go into the new unstable (bo) and the developers should use the 
> libs in unstable.  The only packages that should go into rex-fixed are 
> bug fixes.  

The issue is, if those packages expecting to fix a rex bug are compiled
against a bo library the bug just moves from whatever it was to "another
dependency problem with dselect". 

> What we should probably have is a machine that is running the latest 
> stable version (stable.debian.org) and enable developers to recompile 
> their packages their for fixing bugs.  We can't force developers to run a 
> stable only distribution if we want 1.3 to fit together nicely.
You can't force anything in a group of volunteers ;-) But you can expect
that people who take the responsibility for maintaining a package should
be able to move a couple of libraries around when building a bug fix for



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