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Re: FTP access to master.debian.org

"Brian C. White" <bcwhite@verisim.com> wrote:
>Is there any way we can increase the number of users (non-anonymous)
>allowed to ftp to master.debian.org?
>It's been near impossible for me to upload packages with 'dupload' lately.

Handy dandy tip of the day[1]: I have absolutely no problems uploading stuff
with scp. I just upload the ssh public key to my master account, make sure
the private key is on those accounts with world access (aurora, silas, and
yoyo), and hey presto. No need for a password, and I don't have to worry
about ftp user limits. (scp's parameters, FWIW, are pretty much identical
to rcp's. The main difference is that scp/ssh are a helluva lot more
secure than rcp/rlogin.)


scp * sjlam@master.debian.org:Incoming/

dumps everything in my current directory into ~/Incoming (Incoming being
a symlink into the "real" incoming directory).

[1] Mmmm...sleep deprivation.

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