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Re: debmake question ...

On 24 Jan 1997, Mark Eichin wrote:

eichin >If you haven't fixed the conditional I sent you, then it doesn't even
eichin >copy the template into place -- ie, it doesn't even do the partial job
eichin >it claims to, in this one little case :-)  I guess I make a big deal
eichin >of getting that fixed because debmake *does* come so close to doing a
eichin >complete job for typical generic packages...

That was fixed.

eichin >> job and it does not have some mystic way of knowing how a sourcepackage
eichin >
eichin >Actually, it comes pretty close :-) The sections of debian/rules I
eichin >just added to libdb and libgdbm were *exactly* the same, totally using
eichin >values that were already available in the debian/rules file... and
eichin >they cause the sublib-n directory to be created, filled in, and nuked
eichin >at clean time.  I'd be quite pleased to see the debmake template adopt
eichin >that approach, assuming I haven't missed out on something...

I think I asked you before for that file.

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