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Re: Is there a method of changing the name of a conffile?

No.  You are oversimplifying the problem.  Moving the file in the
postinst does not work if I want to modify the conffile file at the
same time.

Suppose the user has not modified the file, but the maintainer has
modified the file.  According to the standards, the maintainer version
is changed.  If the conffile name is unchanged, this happens
automatically.  Your suggestion violates that standard, or causes the
modifications to fall under the purview of postinst, which must
duplicate the conffile update scheme.

It is impossible to change the name of a conffile and keep all of the
features of a conffile.

Please prove me wrong.

Christoph Lameter <clameter@waterf.org> writes:

> On 28 Dec 1996, Kevin Dalley wrote:
> kevin >I think that it is more complicated than that.
> kevin >
> kevin >Suppose the oldfile is the old name of the conffile and newfile is the
> kevin >new name for the conffile.  Since oldfile is no longer a conffile in
> kevin >the new release, then it will not automatically be compared with the
> kevin >version of oldfile which was shipped in the last release.  If the
> kevin >versions are identical, then I want to automatically update to
> kevin >newfile.  However, if the user has modified oldfile, then I just want
> kevin >to oldfile to newfile.  This is all automatically handled by the
> kevin >conffile strategy if the file names are unchanged.
> kevin >
> kevin >The only method which I can determine which comes close to file name
> kevin >changing is to keep both oldfile and newfile around indefinitely, and
> kevin >perform the copy as you suggested.  The only way I could get rid of
> kevin >oldfile is if everyone has already updated to newfile.  Really, this
> kevin >method is unacceptable as well.  The user would find 2 identical files
> kevin >confusing.
> I think you are complicating the issue. Move the file in the postinst and
> do all modifications that you need to on it. There is really no easier way
> that comes to my mind. You need to get rid of the old file otherwise the
> next package upgrade will again try to copy the old file to the new
> location.

Kevin Dalley

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