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Re: LinuxThreads soname

I do agree with Ulrich that it's better to use different directories
than different sonames.  Future cleanliness outweighs present

Prompted by Ulrich's suggestion of new versions of ld-linux and
additional fields in ld.so.conf, I've thought of a solution:

Lines in /etc/ld.so.conf will have a second, optional, field - a
version number of ld-linux.so.  ld-linux will look in directories that
match its version number before looking in directories that don't have
a version number.  It will never look in directories with an unmatched
version number.  A new version of ld-linux is released with
ld-linux.so.2 for libc6 and ld-linux.so.1 for libc5.

New versions of libc5 linked libraries are released.  The libraries
are installed into the /lib/elf, /usr/lib/elf, etc.  The libraries all
have to depend on a version of ld-linux that supports the above
scheme.  In the preinst, they will all check that their install
directory exists in /etc/ld.so.conf with the appropriate version, 1.
If not, they add it.

New versions of libc6 linked libraries are released.  They have the
same soname but different package names so can coexist with their
libc5 equivalent on Debian and Redhat.  Each of them checks in the
preinst for 1) the libc5 version which installs into .../elf/, or 2)
no libc5 version being installed.  They should also conflict with the
old version of the libc5 library so it won't get installed.

This scheme will work for future versions of libc as long as we always
upgrade the major version of ld-linux along with libc.

Also, David suggested appending the `elf' to the directories.  It
might be better to append `libc5'.


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