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debian.crosslink.net is broken

When I went to do a big download from debian.crosslink.net a buch of 
filenames seemed to have gotten mangaled, this might be a problem from 
master.  When I did an install from dselect I got,

getting: unstable/binary-i386/x11/xaw3d_.deb (259994)
unstable/binary-i386/x11/xaw3d_.deb: No such file OR directory.

getting: unstable/binary-i386/net/mirror_.deb (75188)
unstable/binary-i386/net/mirror_.deb: No such file OR directory.

getting: non-free/binary/jdk-common_.deb (653090)
non-free/binary/jdk-common_.deb: No such file OR directory.

getting: unstable/binary-i386/misc/kernel-package_.deb (35370)
unstable/binary-i386/misc/kernel-package_.deb: No such file OR directory.

getting: unstable/binary-i386/base/libdb1_1.85.2-15.deb (29734)
getting: unstable/binary-i386/x11/fvwm95_.deb (557394)
unstable/binary-i386/x11/fvwm95_.deb: No such file OR directory.

This is just a small portion of it, as you can see some filenames seem to 
be mangaled such as fvwm95_(where is the rest).deb

Guy, is there something wrong with master, or is this just a localized 


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