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Re: gated diffs?

I would recommend installing the newest netstd package and using routed.
Routed is now working since Alax Cox'es patches were integrated and
usually you do not need to run gated unless you are running multiple
routing protocols other than RIP.

On Fri, 31 Jan 1997, Craig Sanders wrote:
cas >has anyone made a debian package for gated?
cas >
cas >if so, would you mind sending me your diffs against the original source
cas >archive?
cas >
cas >I know that gated doesn't allow re-distribution of the source (so how the
cas >hell does freebsd get away with it???) but sending me a diff for the
cas >debian packaging stuff should be ok.
cas >
cas >I'm running gated on a few systems, but they're the statically linked
cas >a.out binaries from gated11_bin.tgz.  Would like to replace it with a
cas >debian package.

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