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Conversion to new source packaging

> > 3/ Call for volunteers for repackaging.
> A small script to do some of the grunt work would be nice, too.  The
> perl "rename" script was invaluable!
>   mkdir debian
>   rename 's|.|/|' debian.*

Oops!  That should be: 's|\.|/|'  (not very useful, otherwise :-)

> Then a quick sed script over the rules file.  Something like...
>   mv debian/rules /tmp/debrules
>   sed -e 's|debian.|debian/|g' /tmp/debrules >debian/rules
>   chmod 755 debian/rules

Again: 's|debian\.|debian/|g'

> After that, I don't know how easy it could be automated.  The
> reformatting of the changes file and using "dpkg-genchanges" might
> have to be done by hand, though I suppose a script might be able
> to give some hints...
>   mv debian/rules /tmp/debrules
>   perl -e '$f=0; while (<>) { $f=1 if /^binary:/; if ($f && !$_) \
>     { print "#\tdpkg-genchanges ...\n#\tsecondline\n#\tetc.\n"; $f=0 }; \
>       print $_; }' /tmp/debrules >debian/rules
>   chmod 755 debian/rules

Forgot about newlines:  That should be:  if ($f && $_ eq "\n")

> (Note: These scripts were written on the fly and not tested! :-)
> By the way, if giving hints, I strongly recommend doing a
>         chmod -R go=rX debian/tmp
> near the end of the rules.  This fixes almost all permission problems.

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