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Re: Machine reboots during 1.1 -> 1.2.1 upgrade

Johnie Ingram writes:
> Michael> What happened exactly? For watchdog to reboot the system it
> Michael> has to be idle for more than a minute. Normally it awakes
> There's a chance that this person has his kernel compiled with the
> NO_WAY_OUT watchdog option, as I do.  Once started, softdog can't be
> cancelled -- even the orderly shutdown of watchdog that dpkg performs
> will reboot the system.

IC. That might be the case. Is there any reason for using this kernel

> The watchdog package should probably not automatically kill the
> running process during an upgrade.

Agreed. But is it possible to upgrade the binary while the process is
running? You cannot upgrade xbase without stopping xfont and xdm.


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