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Re: Looking for volunteer to build packages for non-US.

> Actually, since I'm in Canada, you can build them and send them to
> me and I can then send them to the non-US site.  ITAR/EAR explicitly
> excludes Canada from all export restrictions.

What makes you think you can export them from Canada? Two parts: (1)
the items exported to Canada can't be reexported (under ITAR anyway)
(2) Canada has equivalent regs to ITAR (possibly even by reference)
which prevent one from exporting from there anyway.

I haven't check the "canada" bits in the EAR (if they're even still
there, I didn't notice them first time through) but no, there is not a
hole like this.  Someone would need to work from the KTH
univ. kerberos release, probably, for the external version...  too
bad, really, since cygnus cns4 actually ships with debian packaging
included (and our upcoming "final" 97q1 release will have new-style

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