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Re: Bug with Sendmail 8.8.4

[ I am submitting this extended bug report to the Sendmail and the Debian 
people.  Also an e-mail to Gregory Shapiro, who has given me some helpful 
pointers. When replying, please trim unnecessary mail lists.]

> >> Create a file called /etc/service.switch with:
> >> 
> >> hosts files
> >> 
> >> Which tells sendmail to use files (/etc/hosts) for resolving hosts.
> jgoerzen> Hmm, I tried that, and it hasn't helped.  I did even try explicitly
> jgoerzen> defining the name of the service.switch file in my .mc file, but
> jgoerzen> that didn't help either.

> Sorry my suggestion didn't help.  Unfortunately (fortunately), I've never been
> in an environment where DNS wasn't required at all times.  If you never want
> sendmail to use DNS, you can try compiling it with -DNAMED_BIND=0:

I have tried that, and it too failed.  I think that we are either looking at a 
bug in sendmail here or something is weird.

Just to recap for everyone reading this thread: My problem is that I am a UUCP-connected site and Sendmail seems to be generating DNS traffic on pretty much every invocation.  Even a "mail -s test jgoerzen" causes DNS traffic.  This machine has diald (which automatically brings up PPP whenever there is network draffic) and every time a local message is sent, PPP is brought up!  (so obviously sendmail is generating network traffic of some kind -- my hunch is DNS).

Attached below are some relevant files that I didn't include in my initial posting here.

For reference: Sendmail 8.7.x worked fine.  I upgraded to 8.8.4 and this problem started at that time.  hostname -f does return "complete.org" as expected, and hostname by itself returns "complete" as expected as well.  In short, no other programs are having any problems.

If anybody can tell me what I'm doing wrong, let me know!  Otherwise, I can assume it is a bug in sendmail somewhere.  Also note that I have tried my mc file without nocanonify, explicitly defining my own domain name, and the service switch definition, as well as combinations of those options.  None helped.

FYI, /etc/service.switch is a symlink to /etc/mail/service.switch.nodns

# This file is used to configure sendmail for use with Debian systems.

VERSIONID(`@(#)sendmail.mc	8.7 (Linux) 3/5/96')
define(`SMART_HOST', uucp-dom:onyx)dnl
define(`confDOMAIN_NAME', `$w.$m')dnl
define(`confSERVICE_SWITCH_FILE', /etc/mail/service.switch.nodns)dnl
MAILER(uucp)dnl	complete.org		complete	localhost	www.complete.org	www	news.complete.org	news	ftp.complete.org	ftp	gopher.complete.org	gopher
order hosts,bind
multi on
hosts	files
John Goerzen          | Running Debian GNU/Linux (www.debian.org)
Custom Programming    | 
jgoerzen@complete.org | 

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