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Re: LinuxThreads soname

Have my messages been getting through on linux-gcc?  We have been
having some serious mail problems here so I'm not sure that messages
are getting delivered properly.  The limited response I have seen to
this important issue leads me to suspect it is not getting the wide
distribution I had intended.  I'm especially concerned that no one
from RedHat has spoken up yet.

On 29 Jan 1997, Ulrich Drepper wrote:
> David Engel <david@sw.ods.com> writes:
> > Do we make sure everyone uses new sonames for these libraries
> > when they are built with libc6, or do we reuse the same sonames and
> > add hacks to the dynamic linkers to make them look in different
> > directories depending on whether libc5 or libc6 is being used?
> David already knows my position.  There are not anymore plans to make
> the new ld.so compatible with the old one (this would probably only
> have negative effects).  Instead I would prefer to add some kind of
> mark in the ld.so.conf file.  It should tag the directories in there.
> The tag should distinguish the use os ld-linux.so.1 and ld-linux.so.2.
> Now one could of course ask why not introduce a new conf file.  I
> think it would be bad since inventing another file for the same
> purpose would confuse the people and hopefully soon all confi files
> are clean again since all libc-5 based binaries are gone.

To make sure everyone is clear on this, Ulrich is proposing that we do
something similar to what we did when there were both a.out and ELF
versions of libc4 (remember /lib/elf?).  Because libraries compiled
for libc5 and libc6 would use the same filenames and sonames, they
would have to be put into separate directories (e.g. /lib/libc5,
/usr/lib/libc5, /usr/X11R6/lib/libc5, etc.) and have the dynamic
linkers sort things out.  

Doing this for distributions with sophisticated packaging systems such
as Debian and RedHat would be a real nightmare.  I'm still trying to
come up with a migration stategy that wouldn't risk seriously hosing a
user's system.

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