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Re: debian menu's

>>>>> "JH" == Joey Hess <joey@kite.ml.org> writes:

 JH> I've got 2 things to discuss Re: debian's menus as provided by
 JH> the menu package:

 JH> First, I think we need to clarify something about the text that
 JH> appears in the menus. For example, should dosemu have a menu
 JH> entry that reads just "Dosemu", or should it read "The Linux Dos
 JH> Emulator"? Should lincity just be "Lincity" in the menus, or is
 JH> something like "Build and Maintain a City" more appropriate?

Ummh, let's use the names of the programs. Using a name like "Build
and Maintain a City" would be a little shortsighted, because we can't
know there won't be another citybuilding game. Think about Mosaic,
Netscape, Arena, etc... It would be hard to know which one to you are
going to get if every one of these had an entry like "Browse the web".

Juri Pakaste/Juri.Pakaste@Helsinki.FI 

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