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copyright issues an gimp plugins.

I'm packaging all the gimp plugins from the registry page (except the
one that requires sgi files), and I wanted to know how I need to
handle copyrights.  It looks like most of the plug-ins have GPLs in
their files, but I haven't checked them all thoroughly.  I suppose
I'll have to do that before it can be approved for unstable (as
opposed to contrib or non-free).  But I came across at least one
plug-in that has a header (gems.h) which comes straight from a book:

 * GraphicsGems.h
 * Version 1.0 - Andrew Glassner
 * from "Graphics Gems", Academic Press, 1990

The acutal C source for the plug-in (sparkl.c) is GPLed, but AFAIKT,
this header file is not.  So how should this be handled?


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