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Re: debmake question ...

On Fri, 24 Jan 1997, Richard G. Roberto wrote:

richr >How can I use debmake to set up the frame work for a source
richr >package that produces a binary package and a library package?
richr >Should I even bother?  The library is a run time library though
richr >and I think it would be good to be able to distribute it
richr >separately.  I tried selecting "M" for multiple but it didn't
richr >quite get it right.  I'll try to fix it by hand, but it seems
richr >like this should be an canned option in debmake, eh?  Could I do
richr >"sl" and get a single binary and a library framework out of it?

debmake is not supposed to get it right. It generates example files for
you to customize for your special app.

Try running debmake and use the l option for a library to get the
correct initial setup. Then customize the rules file for your
special library.

Have a look at libdb if you need more examples.
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