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Re: Future Debian CD plans

  It is clear from your recent postings that you feel we need to
make some changes to survive. For example the recent movement to create
a board of directors is a good idea who's time has come.
Maybe it would be helpful if you could put pen to paper and
tell us your thoughts on:
 - your vision for the future of Debian
 - ways to generate more money
 - what are our current sources of income
 - how much money we need to maintain the master FTP server
 - what kind of budget Debian currently has
 - what kind of budget Debian needs
 - how to attract more commercial support
 - what forms of commercial involvement you envision
 - ways of increasing exposure/advertising of Debian
 - anything else you want to ramble on about

Basically, this was brought on by the following paragraph from Bruce:
> We have to grow up. We are completely broke and I've been supporting
> the project out of my pocket. We can't afford the legal help to
> incorporate as a tax-exempt non-profit. We can't afford to pay for the
> master FTP server. We can't advertise or send out publicity. It happens
> that a good many people think we have a fine system, but we can't sustain
> it this way.

We want Debian not only to survive, but to thrive.
We need to figure out how to do this and
keep Debian as a grass-roots organization.

- Sue

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