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Re: making dselect easier to use


On 28 Jan 1997, Milan Zamazal wrote:

> >>>>> "s" == sacampbe  <sacampbe@mercator.math.uwaterloo.ca> writes:
>     s: 2.  Make dselect hierarchical. It could be implemented similar
>     s: to the way lynx works: you use the arrow keys to move up and
>     s: down and go right to get more detailed info on the current
>     s: selection.  The top level would be a list similar (identical
>     s: would be best) to the directories in the binary level of the
>     s: distribution, i.e. admin, base, comm, devel...
> Good idea.  I don't like long scrolling in dselect when I need some
> e.g x11 package.  But '/' search facility should remain global.

I'm currently agree with it. Also, is the way that Slackware, RedHat, 
kernel config, Debian Install, timezone, etc. work. Can't be that mush 
confusing ;)

>     s: One other modification at the second level is that packages
>     s: providing the same functionality could be further grouped into
>     s: a third level. For example, under web, all the web browsers
>     s: would be in one group while the servers would be in a
>     s: 2nd. Possibly more fine grained than the expert wants, but this
>     s: is for the beginner. The expert can still just use a search at
>     s: the top level to jump right to a desired package.
> I'm not sure whether adding third level good or not.  It helps in
> orientation but makes browsing more difficult.

Agreed too with that. I already prefere to see non-free and contrib packages
merge with into the correct category (such as mail, x11, etc.) with the
distribution of each one clearly indicate in a field or something like that.
An option to see the /usr/doc/package/copyright of each package (if it
exists) could be very useful too. By the same time, I'm used to browse the
new debian packages mail to see if I have to upgrade or not a package. May be
we can do the same thing for /usr/doc/package/changelog.debian ? 

>     s: Also at the top level would be an options selection. In 
there >     s: you could set options to personalize dselect. For example you
>     s: could set a Silent option to let dselect silently select any
>     s: dependencies for you.
> And option for default package order (`oO' keys) would be very nice
> too.
> Milan Zamazal

This isn't exist already?

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