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Re: dpkg-divert -- How do I use it?

Guy Maor writes:
> david@elo.sw.ods.com (David Engel) writes:
> Going with optional -dbg packages is probably most reasonable.  They
> would contain a staticly linked version compiled with -g and
> optionally a staticly linked version compiled with -pg.  The library
> names should have a `g' or `p' appended.
> So, libg++27-dbg would provide:
> /usr/lib/libg++g.a
> /usr/lib/libg++p.a  (optional)
> Regarding the names, I see that libc5-dbg uses libg.a and libc_p.a.
> Is there some precedence for naming them like that?  (No version; and
> one uses an underscore, and the other doesn't.)

Naming profiling libraries libfoo_p.a seems to be pretty standard.
Libc already does this as well as ncurses.  Before anyone asks, the
profiling ncurses libraries are not currently packaged.  The reason
the debugging version of libc.a is called libg.a is because gcc is
configured to link it in when -ggdb is used.  I don't know why this is
so.  If we decide to distribute separate, static debugging libraries,
I suggest we name them libfoo_g.a.  Again, ncurses already does this
but they are not currently packaged.

I propose we do one of two things.

Option 1: At the discretion of the maintainer, optionally distribute
static, debugging and/or profiling libraries in separate -dbg packages
using the libfoo_g.a/libfoo_p.a naming convention.

Option 2: Distribute static, debugging libraries in the -dev packages
using the normal libfoo.a name AND devise some means of optionally
stripping them at installation time.  At the discretion of the
maintainer, optionally distribute static, profiling libraries using
the libfoo_p.a name in separate -dbg (of -prof) packages.

> One unrelated point, David.  In the .shlibs file for libc5, you put
> the patch level and debug version.  This causes problems when
> compiling things for stable.  Is there any reason why you shouldn't
> use a dependency `libc5 (>= 5.4.0-0)'?  The interface shouldn't change
> at all between patch levels, right?

I've already done this in the version 5.4.19 that I'm currently using.
I will upload it when H.J. releases it publicly.  If it's really
important that a fix be uploaded sooner, I can rebuild 5.4.17.

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