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Re: Bug#6316: Is /usr/bin/[ still needed?

In message <32CEDF4B.213E0930@micron.net> received on Sat, Jan 4 1997 
15:52 MST
Galen Hazelwood writes:
> Lars Wirzenius wrote:
> > 
> > Do we have any such shells for Debian? Is it likely that anyone will
> > ever install such a shell?
> > 
> I don't know.  What about csh/tcsh?  I use bash pretty much
> exclusively.  FSSTND states that [ and test go into /usr/bin, since
> "essentially every Bourne shell replacement there is for Linux"
> has them built in.  pdksh and zsh have them built in as well.
> As long as we're not crippling anything obscure, I have no problem
> with removing /usr/bin/[ from shellutils.  I hesitate only for
> reasons of tradition.

FWIW: Removing /usr/bin/[ would violate POSIX.2, so if we decide to be one 
      POSIX.2 compliant, we would have to put it back in.

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