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Re: gated diffs?

It would be good to know the exact requirements of them now. I do not
think that there is any disagreement about the fact that we want gated in
debian. The requirements that they have might even influence the way we
set ourselves up because we might expect similar demands to be made in the
future of the project.

On Fri, 31 Jan 1997, Johnie Ingram wrote:

johnie >"Christoph" == Christoph  <debian@waterf.org> writes:
johnie >
johnie >Christoph> regarding requirements from our side? If they need to be
johnie >Christoph> impressed by a guy with some titles I can also take part in
johnie >Christoph> that endeavour but I am trying to keep myself from getting
johnie >Christoph> involved into too many issues right now.
johnie >
johnie >Let me know if I can help -- my company is an affiliate of Merit, the
johnie >organization that runs the Consortium, and I attend U of M too.
johnie >
johnie >Their license seems to say they will grant us permission to redistribute
johnie >gated as long as we agree to share with them any improvements we make.
johnie >But the process involves signatures that may have to wait until a
johnie >more formal organization is set up.

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