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Re: gated diffs?

On Sat, 1 Feb 1997, Craig Sanders wrote:

cas >> If someone could get the Gated Consortium to agree for Debian to
cas >> distribute gated then I would be happy to maintain it (I will shortly
cas >> be updating my version to use debmake).
cas >
cas >If you like, I can liase with them to gain permission for debian to
cas >package debian.  I don't have the time (or the programming skill) to
cas >maintain the package myself but I am willing to help in any way i can.

Could you do that?

cas >The gist of the license appears to be:
cas >
cas >    1) to redistribute it you must sign the license agreement and
cas >       send hard copy of same to the Merit Gated Consortium
cas >
cas >       Signing this would be a job for a member of the BOD
cas >       (Secretary??).

Who exactly does it need to be? We are a volunteer association with the
corresponding lack of control over things and we are not a legally
registered entity although widely known. Could you figure out how they see
our situation?

cas >    2) The only real restriction is that you MUST send copies of any
cas >       changes/enhancements back to the gated consortium.

Is the source freely redistributable/resellable? Or just the binaries?

cas >    Those who wish to redistribute GateD may do so under agreement
cas >    with Merit. Anyone wishing to transfer GateD or any part of GateD
cas >    to any third party must first execute the GateD Redistribution
cas >    License corresponding with the version of GateD to be redistributed.
cas >    The GateD Redistribution License entails no license fee. Instead,
cas >    licensees are required to submit to Merit for distribution to
cas >    the user community certain modifications and enhancements which
cas >    they create or are created on their behalf using GateD. Such
cas >    distribution of licensee-developed enhancements is for the benefit
cas >    of the GateD user community and subject only to the GateD source
cas >    file restrictions and, if applicable, to the appropriate GateD
cas >    Redistribution License.

I think this would mean for the maintainer of gated to occasionally
sent the diffs to them.

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