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Re: How to make it shared

>>>>> "IT" == Ioannis Tambouras <ioannis@flinet.com> writes:

    IT>     During package creation, after debian/rules, the binaries come out static. 
    IT>     How can I make them dynamically shared ? My LD_RUN_PATH is unset,
    IT>     and debian/rules build was edited to compile with:
    IT>     make CFLAGS="-O2 -Wall -s", everything else was left unchanged.
    IT>     Same story when I compile the hello package from the sources, with
    IT>     diffs then ./config . 

    IT> That's what I get on my package:
    IT> % debian/rules
    IT> (...successful output..)
    IT> % file ascii 
    IT> ascii: ELF 32-bit LSB executable, Intel 80386, version 1, stripped
    IT> % ldd ascii
    IT>       statically linked (ELF)

I had the same problem  on a newly  installed debian system and  found
that the problem came from  missing links in  /lib which prevented the
link phasis to  chose the right library.  For example the link between
libc.so.5 to libc.so makes the libc links dynamically.

I don't which  product  is   in  fault gcc/ld, ldconfig   or   library
installations ?

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